Driving and practical test

New rules since 2021:

Learning to drive from the age of 17

If you obtain a learner’s licence for passenger cars before the age of 20, you will now have to complete a learning phase of 12 months. In order to be able to take the driving test at the age of 18, you may obtain your learner’s permit at the age of 17.

Learning drives

Learning drives may only be undertaken with a companion who has reached the age of 23 and has held the corresponding driving licence for at least 3 years. The companion must have easy access to the handbrake. As long as motor vehicles are driven by holders of a learner’s permit, they must bear a blue plate with a white “L” of the prescribed size in a clearly visible place on the rear of the vehicle.

Learner drivers are not permitted to drive abroad.

Learner drivers are not allowed to drive on busy roads until they have been sufficiently trained, motorways and autostrades until they are ready for the test.

Training at the driving school takes place in four stages up to test maturity

  • Pre-training; basic understanding of driving dynamics, eye technique and mastery of vehicle operation, developing and automating operation as well as lane and speed awareness. Introduction to driving assistance systems.
  • Main training; learning how to behave as a partner in any traffic situation, application of the FAS.
  • Perfection training; perfecting independent driving, behaviour in dangerous situations and perfecting the FAS.

The practical driving test

The best preparation for the exam is comprehensive training with sufficient driving routine. Be fit for the driving test! You must be physically and mentally capable of driving your vehicle safely at all times. Do not take any medication that could impair your performance. Exam nerves, stage fright, etc. are well-known exam symptoms. They are greatest at the beginning of the test and decrease with increasing duration. Your traffic expert will take this situation into account appropriately and help to create favourable exam conditions.