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Driving school prices 1 lesson ( 50 minutes )

The training takes place on a VW Golf GTI for a modern and proven training program. You will be led to the practical test in a quite and relaxing atmosphere.

Rate Car

(Manual gear change: VW Golf 7 GTI, Automat: Citroen DS4 Cabriolet)
Single lesson (50 Min.) 940 CHF
5er – Abo (90 CHF) 450 CHF
10er – Abo (88 CHF) 880 CHF
Insurance car (obligatory accident and comprehensive) 120 CHF
Single lessons to be paid in cash after every lesson, Abo payable in cash after the 2. Lesson.

Theory studies and Verkehrskunde-Kurs

Verkehrskunde-Kurs inkl. Lehrmittel 139 CHF
4 Doppellektionen inkl. Bücher
agreed lessons need to be logged out at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise they will be charged.
All driving lessons are to be e paid before the practical test.
The test, incl. The hour drive ahead will be calculated as 2 driving lessons.

First Aid Course

Kurskosten inklusive Ausweis gemäss externen Anbieter