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Verkehrskunde course

Verkehrskunde Course (VKU)

Traffic studies can be attended at my partner driving school. Several VKU courses take place weekly at the Ha.Pe.Kreuel driving school.
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Course fees

  • including teaching books CHF 139

The Verkehrskunde Kurs

  • the Verkehrskunde Kurs is obligatory
  • the Verkehrskunde Kurs includes 8 lessons
  • the Verkehrskunde Kurs is valid for 2 years
  • the Verkehrskunde Kurs is a prerequisite for the application oft he practical test
  • the Verkehrskunde Kurs can be taken only with a valid learner’s permit

Course content and topics

  • First Part: proper use oft he sense organs, etc.
  • Second Part: dealing with other road users etc.
  • Third Part: Vehicle safety, forces driving etc.
  • Fourth Part: driving ability, environmental awareness etc.

The Verkehrskunde classes are in German. Unfortunately we can not offer them in English. For more information please contact me

Course room in Zürich-Höngg

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