The path to the driver’s license

Would you like to pass the category B (car)?

  1. Complete First Aid Class (6 years valid)
  2. Order the form from the Strassenverkehrsamt for the beginner license.
  3. Get your eyes and ears checked
  4. Get it signed by the Einwohner-Kontrolle (residence confirmation)
  5. Send the form incl. a photo back to the Strassenverkehrsamt
  6. Get ready for the theory test
  7. When you well prepared, you can register fort he theory test.
  8. After passing the theory test you will get the learner’s permit. Now you can start with the driving  classes.
  9. During the practical training, you must attend the Verkehrskunde Kurs (VKU).
  10. After a thorough training is he final step, the driving test

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